House Rules

We ask that you respect our privacy and that of our other guests by keeping noise to a minimum, specifically, between the hours of 10pm and 8am.

As dog owners we know how dogs bark, especially when excited, and that is perfectly acceptable! However, if they continue to bark constantly causing disturbance we would ask that you step in to stop this.

Please be aware that if you are rowdy and/or playing loud music this may be heard by the other people on site. Please respect your neighbours during your stay.

Pets Allowed: Yes
Smoking Allowed: No
Kid Friendly: Yes
We allow dogs and no limit on numbers. There is a secure enclosed dog exercise field available. Covers provided for sofas and beds incase your dog likes a cuddle. All dogs to be kept on lead unless in designated areas. Please clean up after your dog and use bins provided. Motorcyclists are welcome with a secure garage available.

For emergency services (ambulance, police, fire) please immediately call 999. Do not delay if you feel an emergency situation has arisen. State your location and our address:

Pencastell views
SA48 8QH

Our contact numbers are:
07723 393007
01974 821468

In case of a fire

Exit the property as quickly as possible
Ensure that all persons are accounted for
Dial 999 and ask for ‘FIRE’
State your location (as above)

Do not attempt to re-enter the building until a Fire Officer states that it is safe to do so.